Eligibility & Voting Process

The Highest Honor in Tennis

In recognition of their achievements as a player and contributions to the growth of the sport, induction in the International Tennis Hall of Fame is the highest honor available in tennis. Since 1954, this honor has been presented to just 252 individuals from 23 nations. Inductees are considered for eligibility in one of three categories, Recent Player, Master Player, or Contributor.

Induction Categories

Recent Player

  • Active as competitors in the sport within the last 20 years prior to consideration
  • Not a significant factor on the ATP, WTA, or Wheelchair Tennis tours within 5 years prior to induction
  • Distinguished record of competitive achievement at the highest international level, with consideration given to integrity, sportsmanship, and character.


Nomination Form

Master Player

  • Competitors in the sport who have been retired for at least 20 years prior to consideration
  • Distinguished record of competitive achievement at the highest international level, with consideration given to integrity, sportsmanship, and character. 




Nomination Form


  • Exceptional contributions that have furthered the growth, reputation, and character of the sport, in categories such as administration, media, coaching, and officiating.
  • Contributor candidates do not need to be retired from their activities related to the sport to be considered.



Nomination Form

Hall of Fame Voting 

Seven-time major champion Stan Smith was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1987. Today he serves as President of the Hall of Fame and the Chairman of the Enshrinee Nominating Committee. In the video, Stan explains the process of Hall of Fame induction and how you can be part of the process! 

Hall of Fame Voting, Step-by-Step

  1. Nominations
    Utilizing the criteria above as a guideline, anyone may nominate a person for Hall of Fame enshrinement.
    Nominations may be submitted through the website.

  2. Enshrinee Nominating Committee
    Biographies of eligible nominees are compiled and distributed to the Enshrinee Nominating Committee for review and consideration. This group meets annually during Wimbledon to select the ballot for the following year. The
    group is comprised of 23 individuals who are tennis historians, tennis media, tennis industry leaders, and Hall of Famers– all of whom are highly knowledgeable about the history of tennis and the individuals who have helped to grow the sport.

  3. Ballot Selection
    The Enshrinee Nominating Committee develops a ballot of nominees, which is generally comprised of 5 – 15 people. For the Recent Player category, there is no limitation on how many names can appear on the ballot. For the Master Player and Contributor ballot, up to three names in each category can be placed on the ballot.

    The ballot of nominees for the following year is officially announced during the US Open.

  4. Voting
    The ballots for all three categories shall be sent to the appropriate voting group via postal mail, express mail, facsimile or e-mail not later than November 1 of each year. For the Certified Public Accounting firm to certify ballots returned by postal mail or facsimile, ballots must be marked, signed and dated and received on a date to be determined each year, but no case later than December 15.

    Votes are sent directly to an independent accounting firm, which keeps track of the votes.

    The voting groups are comprised of tennis media, industry experts, and Hall of Famers. The voting groups are reviewed for quality/credibility annually by the Enshrinee Membership Committee, which is a small group of people, including 3 voters, who are well versed about who is active and knowledgeable within the tennis community. 

    The Recent Player Voting Group, which is comprised of tennis journalists, authors, Hall of Famers, and Tennis Administrators vote on the Recent Player Category. The policy called for no less than seventy-five (75), or more than two hundred (200) individuals.

    The Master Player and Contributor Voting Group, which consists of Hall of Famers and individuals who are highly knowledgeable of the sport and its history, votes on the Master Player and Contributor Categories. There are approximately 125 voters annually. The policy calls for no less than seventy-five (75), or more than one hundred and seventy five (175) individuals.

    The Wheelchair Tennis Voting Group, which is comprised of past players, administrators, journalists, and individuals who are experts in wheelchair tennis, votes on any individuals who are nominated as either players or contributors as a result of their accomplishments in wheelchair tennis. There are approximately 35 voters annually. The policy calls for no less than 25 voters and no more than 50 voters.

    A 75% favorable vote is required for enshrinement in any category.

  5. Results
    Votes are tabulated in late December and early January. An announcement of who will be enshrined is traditionally made during the first three months of the year.