Real Tennis / Court Tennis

The International Tennis Hall of Fame also includes a “Real” or "Court" Tennis facility. Real Tennis is the game from which all racquet sports evolved. The Real Tennis Court at the Hall of Fame is part of the original complex, built in 1880. It was only the second Real Tennis Court built in the United States; the first was built in Boston and remains today a private club. The Real Tennis Court at the Hall of Fame is open to the public for viewing and playing.

Real Tennis dates back to the Renaissance and is a completely different game compared to today’s lawn tennis. A cavern-like 90 x 40 foot court with red cement floor is overlooked on one side by a towering gray slate wall. A sloping roof and rectangular apertures, called galleries, complete the court giving it a unique physical appearance.

The International Tennis Hall of Fame houses one of only 10 Real Tennis courts in the United States. It is the only court where the public may actually play. Club memberships and lessons are available while viewing is accessible through Hall of Fame Museum admission.




2014 Schedule of Court Tennis / Real Tennis Events

Schochet Cup: June 1 - 8

US Professional Singles for the Top 24 players in the world.

Newport Handicap Doubles: June 19 - 20 
Round Robin doubles event for Pros and Amateurs from around the world.  For all playing levels.

Velvet Rope Doubles: July 19 - 20

The Pell Cup: August 14 -17
The National Tennis Club's signature doubles event.  It includes doubles of all levels with players traveling from overseas including world class professionals.


For additional information, visit the National Tennis Club website.