Dwight Davis

July 05, 1879
November 28, 1945
Place of Birth:
St. Louis, Missouri
United States
United States
Induction Category:
Year of Induction:
Highest Ranking
U.S. Singles Ranking: 2

In 1900, as a recent Harvard graduate, Davis donated and placed the International Lawn Tennis Challenge Trophy into competition. He sensed a chance to promote goodwill for tennis internationally through his deeds, and soon his concept became known as “The Davis Cup.” It has been cherished as the worldwide symbol of team competition in tennis ever since. The left-handed Davis appropriately contributed to the Americans winning the first Davis Cup in 1900. He was ranked second in the United States twice and took the National Intercollegiate Championships in 1899.

Grand Slam Record

US National Championship

  • Doubles Champion 1899-1901

Career Achievements

  • Davis Cup Team Member 1900, 1902


  • Created the Davis Cup Competition