In Memoriam: Hall of Famer Gardnar Mulloy


Today the International Tennis Hall of Fame mourns the passing of Hall of Famer Gardnar Mulloy. He was 102 year years old.

Mulloy first broke into the top-10 among American players at age 26 in 1939, and he was still playing on the senior circuit into his nineties. Mulloy was a major champion five times in doubles, with four of his victories at the U.S. Nationals. In 1957, he partnered with Budge Patty to win the Wimbledon doubles title in a stunning upset over Lew Hoad and Neale Fraser, who were the tournament's top seeds. Mulloy was a dedicated Davis Cup competitor for the United States, and was a member of the championship teams in 1946, 1948, and 1949. After his competitive career ended, Mulloy remained highly engaged in the sport, winning well over 100 national tournaments. He was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1972.

"Gardnar was a real treasure to our sport. He was an incredible athlete in a variety of sports, but he chose tennis and went on to become among the very best in the world. He was a five-time major champion in doubles, but his longevity in the game was a huge part of what made him such a legend. He was playing competitively into his nineties, and loving every minute of it," said Stan Smith, president of the International Tennis Hall of Fame. "His personality was as charismatic off the court as he was fiery on it. He was always great fun to be around and he will be missed."

A centenarian with a dynamic personality, Mulloy lived a remarkable life. Read more about his 1957 Wimbledon doubles victory, rigorously healthy lifestyle, and his brushes with royalty and Presidents in the obituaries linked below.

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