The Newport Casino Revealed


A primary goal of the museum renovation was to better showcase the historic buildings and grounds where the Hall of Fame is located, and to highlight the property’s role in social and tennis history. The property was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1987, and the historic buildings and grounds are considered to be a premier highlight of the museum collection and the experience that the Hall of Fame can offer to visitors. 

The museum is set in the Newport Casino, which was built in 1880 as a social club for the wealthy summer residents of Newport. The Casino was designed by McKim, Mead & White and was the first work by the famous architecture trio. The design combines shingle, stone, and brick to evoke an English design, and it is one of the finest examples of American Shingle Style architecture.

Through the renovation, three unique and stunning fireplaces that had previously been covered by temporary walls have been revealed - much to the delight of visitors. The newly designed galleries and exhibits were designed to be set into the building's beautiful, detailed interiors.  Additionally, original furnishings from the turn of the century social club are exhibited throughout the museum.  The combination of engaging new exhibits and beautiful, historic architecture creates a memorable experience for museum visitors. 

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