Museum and Grounds

An Entirely New Museum

The Museum at the International Tennis Hall of Fame re-opened on May 20 after a complete renovation and now offers and entirely new, engaging museum experience. The museum is set in the Newport Casino, a National Historic Landmark.

New Exhibits

Roger Federer Hologram

An Interactive Experience
Interactive, educational experiences abound throughout the new museum. Tennis aficionados can test their knowledge of the sport on a five-foot touch table at which they can stand at either end and "serve" tennis history questions back and forth to each other. The "Call the Match" exhibit offers visitors the chance to record themselves taking on the role of broadcast luminaries. Read more.


The history of tennis as told through the Hall of Famers

243 Champions and Leaders
The new museum tells the story of tennis history through the lives of the Hall of Famers. Each item displayed that is connected to a particular Hall of Famer is labeled as such, with more information about their life and career, such as the Rene Lacoste jacket above.

A Global Sport

A Global Sport
Tennis is a global sport, with athletes, tournaments, and fans on all corners of the world. At this interactive globe exhibit, visitors can select a nation to learn more about tennis tournaments taking place there in any given week, and about the players and tournaments from that nation.

An Extensive Collection

The new musuem showcases more of the collection that ever before. More than 1,900 objects are displayed, a significant increase over the previous museum. In creating the new museum, the Hall of Fame's collection of more than 25,000 artifacts, and hundreds of thousands of images, videos, and publications was completely reinterpreted to deliver an engaging narrative about the history of the sport. Read more about the collection highlights. 


The Newport Casino

A primary goal of the museum renovation was to better showcase the Newport Casino, the National Historic Landmark buildings and grounds in which the Hall of Fame is located. Through the renovation, three magnificent fireplaces that had been covered by temporary walls for 25 years have been revealed. Additionally, original furnishings from the building, which was built in 1880, are exhibited. 

The Art of Tennis

From Maria Bueno's grace on court to Roger Federer's elegant shot making, it's not uncommon for tennis to be commended for its beautiful, art-like nature. As such, the sport has served as an inspiration for a variety of mediums, and a range of tennis-inspired art is shown throughout the new museum. Learn more about the artists in the collection. 

Roger Federer

A highlight of the new museum will be a holographic theatre in which visitors feel as though they are in the room with Roger Federer, one of the sport's all-time greatest champions. "It was an honor to be asked to be the hologram at the International Tennis Hall of Fame and I was quite happy to take on the project," commented Federer. "I've always had an interest in the history of our sport and I believe we've been fortunate to be able to learn from and build on that history. The Hall of Fame does a tremendous job of preserving our sport's history and celebrating it with the world."

A National Historic Landmark

The International Tennis Hall of Fame is set in the Newport Casino, a beautiful facility that dates to 1880 and has an interesting history in tennis and in Newport.

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