Come check out our Volunteers!

Volunteer of the Day:     Emily Aldous

Emily with ATP Pro Ryan Harrison

This is Emily’s first summer working at the Hall of Fame. She thinks that this is a great opportunity for anyone that wants to be involved in tennis or just loves to watch the game. Carol Costa, Volunteer Manager at the Hall of Fame, says “Emily has been helping at a lot of different positions, from scanning tickets, to greeting people, to working in the stands to selling programs, so she has a pretty good understanding of how things work around here and how to make the tournament a success”.
Emily has been playing tennis since freshman year of high school, now a junior at URI, she was thinking about how she could watch the tournament without having to pay for tickets every day…that’s when she learned about volunteering. “I definitely want to do something in tennis in the future. I love to play, but being involved behind the scenes would be even better, working here would be ideal. This is a great opportunity and I highly recommend it”.

Gary Dion
Gary is a first time volunteer. “My first day has been wonderful, people are great! I am a teacher during the year, so having the summers off gives me the opportunity to be here. I will certainly volunteer again next summer.”
Chris Mallon
Chris is a first time volunteer from North Kingston, RI. Chris, a member of the Hall of Fame learned about volunteering through his friend who is also a member and a volunteer during tournament week. Even though this is his first day, he likes volunteering because he gets to watch tennis all day. Chris has been playing tennis for 4 years and admires the pros. “I couldn’t imagine all the effort and hard work it takes to get that good.”

Volunteer Q&A

Carolyn Gammel

This is Carolyn's fourth summer volunteering during the tournament, but this is her first summer not working at the South Stands; this summer she is selling programs and as she honestly admitted, she misses it!

Q: What do you look forward to the most every summer?

A: I look forward to seeing who are some of the National players walking around here, like Querrey, Isner and actually seeing them eyeball to eyeball. I have been to the US Open in New York and you don't have the same advantage as here to see the whites of their eyes.

Q: What do you think about Agassi being here and being inducted into the Tennis Hall of Fame?

A: I think it is very exciting, and I am very glad I am working on Saturday!

Q: Do you play tennis yourself?

A: I started playing at age 66, I don't play anymore. I enjoy the watching the game, but playing is another ball game.

Q: Will you be back again next summer?

A: I hope to be back next summer!


Barbara Votolato

Barbara came to the 1989 Hall of Fame Tennis Championships and the 1989 Virginia Slims of Newport which were tennis tournaments played on the grass courts here. She began volunteering here about 10 years ago, since the very beginning.

Q: Where do you usually work?

A: I used to usher at the West Boxes but recently I have been introduced to a lot of different areas, like today I am selling programs.

Q: What do you think about the new ticket system and the technological aspect of it?

A: I think it's great! Its been going smoothly and working well so far.

Q: Do you play tennis?

A: I have played tennis all of my life, since I was 16 when I used to take lessons with my friends in Warwick, RI. I love tennis. I haven't played lately  I love to watch all the majors on TV. Last year I went to the South Carolina Family Cup and watched Aleksandra Wozniak win, which was very exciting.

Q: What is your favorite part about volunteering here?

A: I love talking to the people who come through here. I love to talk about the game; it is a great feeling to talk to people who feel the same way I do about tennis.

Q: What do you think about Agassi coming?

A: It is very, very exciting. He is just about the most exciting player that has ever lived. I read his book, very good.

Q: Do you think you’ll come back next summer?

A: Oh, absolutely.