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Match Point Campaign Blog
We're closing in on our fundraising goal and starting some of the construction work in this transformational project. With your support, we'll be able to significantly expand and improve our facilities and programming. Check back often for project updates & news! 


December 12, 2014
The Season of Giving! 

Tis the season for giving!

A neat opportunity recently arose through our museum renovations, when we found ourselves with 50 beautiful museum display cases that we would no longer need in the new museum. Through our museum staff's quick thinking, we offered the cases to area non-profit museums, and we were psyched to be able to donate the cases to 7 museums to use in projects ranging from building a whole new museum to updating their existing displays. Having quality museum cases is extremely important for both proper preservation and professional displays, and it’s also very expensive, so we were quite happy to see the cases going to useful new homes, including to our friends at Fort Adams Trust.

Read more about the donation, where they'll be used, and an update on our progress, by clicking on the Newport Daily News image.


December 1, 2014
De-Installing the Museum 

Today was a highly anticipated day in the renovation and expansion project. It brought a lot work for our museum staff, but it is all for a good reason. Today we officially closed off the majority of our museum to begin construction on the new museum! However, before the contractors can get in to do the renovations and before we can bring in our new technology and updated exhibits, a lot of very careful work had to go into de-installing the current exhibits and storing the artifacts properly during renovation.

Our staff will be hard at work this week, ensuring that every piece that was on display is properly stored for the months ahead while the museum is under construction. This meant removing clothes from mannequins and packaging it carefully, taking art off the walls, and wrapping trophies, historic racquets, and other one-of-a-kind pieces very carefully.

In the season of giving, it was great that we had a neat opportunity arise through the closing. In the new museum, the exhibits and artifacts will all be displayed in new ways. We'll be able to re-purpose some of the glass used throughout the museum. However, the majority of our display cases are not going to be used in the new museum. Our Curator, Nicole Markham, had the great idea to offer the cases to nearby museums, and we're delighted that seven local museums have taken us up on our offer to donate the cases. These local museums are working on various projects ranging from building a whole new museum to updating their existing displays, and we were glad to help them have a significant cost savings by donating our cases to their cause!

The construction and installation of our new museum will progress quickly in the months ahead. Click here to read a little more about our plans, and check back often or follow us on Facebook for interesting behind-the-scenes updates.

Here's a few more photos of the de-installation process. 


October 5, 2014
Men of Steel

Stunning photograph of the progress by Dave Hansen of the Newport Daily News. View larger.


September 2014
The Framework of a Beautiful Future

The beautiful fall weather has been a great time for our project team to really dive into the construction on our new tennis facilities. In recent weeks the steel support columns and the trusses for the main building have been installed. We're looking forward to watching the progress in the coming months to gear up for next year's indoor tennis season!  

June 12, 2014
Make Way for New Tennis Courts! 

The last of the buildings on our new property have been taken down. We're looking forward to a great summer ahead, followed by a busy fall and winter of construction on our new indoor tennis facility and office building. The 16,000 square foot building will house locker rooms, a fitness area, retail space, and Hall of Fame offices. Adjacent to this building will be a 21,000 square foot facility containing 3 indoor tennis courts, with 3 adjacent indoor/outdoor courts.    

The new buildings have been designed by Robert A.M. Stern Architects, LLP ("RAMSA"), an internationally recognized architecture firm that has a deep respect for history. This was important to the Hall of Fame in the selection process to ensure that the buildings would accomplish the campaign goals of expanding the Hall of Fame's footprint within its architecturally and historically significant context, while efficiently transforming a centrally located parcel of land in a manner that is in the best interest of the neighborhood.  

The new buildings have been designed to be complementary to the beautifully restored historic buildings of the Newport Casino, in which the Hall of Fame is located. The Newport Casino, which is done in a beautiful Shingle Style of architecture, was designed by McKim, Mead, and White in 1880 and was named a National Historic Landmark in 1986.


May 28, 2014
Relocation of the 1856 Congdon House!

In preparing for the International Tennis Hall of Fame's expansion & renovation project, we relocated the Congdon House (circa 1856) from Hayden Court, down Memorial Boulevard, and onto Rhode Island Avenue. The 850 feet journey took about 3 hours.

It was quite a team effort! Many thanks from the Hall of Fame to our many teriffic Newport neighbors who came out to see the house move and for the positive feedback, to the City of Newport RI for tremendous support, and to our incredible team of Aquidneck Building Movers, Wolfe House & Building Movers, Bartlett Tree Experts, our owner's rep Dan Paquette, and our Director of Buildings & Grounds, Ken Ferrebee. Click the newspaper image below to read more, or watch the whole process in the short video recap!

Click to read the Newport Daily News' detailed account of the house move.  


May 26, 2014
Making Way for the Future

The primary component of the project that we are focused on at the moment is the development of a significant building that will redefine a major Newport street, Memorial Boulevard. The 16,000 square foot building will house locker rooms, a fitness area, retail space, and Hall of Fame offices. Adjacent to this building will be a 21,000 square foot facility containing 3 indoor tennis courts, with 3 adjacent indoor/outdoor courts.

To prepare for this building, our teams have been hard at work clearing the existing buildings on that space, which includes the demolition of a gas station, two commercial buildings, our indoor tennis facility, and the relocation of the historic 1856 Congdon House.  

Click for more photos...


May 23, 2014
Make Way for the House

The Hall of Fame is currently prepping for the relocation of the 1856 Congdon House, which is on the property of the new buildings and facilities.A primary focus of the project is to enhance a prominent Newport streetscape in a manner that is complementary to Newport's historic architecture. In line with that commitment to architectural excellence, it was of the utmost importance to the Hall of Fame that we find a way to move the historic house on the property and ensure that it be properly preserved.

At this time, we are busy prepping for the move, and shortly, we will relocate the house to Rhode Island Avenue, just 850 feet down the road.  Thanks to Newport This Week for previewing the move and all it entails!

 Read the piece...  


May 22, 2014
Advantage Newport! 

Thank you to The Providence Journal for encouraging words of support in this editorial!

Read the piece...


May 19, 2014
Accessible for All

Through the planning and design phases of this expansion, it has been of the utmost priority for the Hall of Fame to think ahead for all possible scenarios to ensure that the new building and tennis facilities be completely accessible for everyone. This has included details ranging from sloping the building to accommodate its position on a hill without requiring ramps to accessible facilities inside.  As we move forward with the project, we were grateful for the opportunity to discuss these plans with Newport’s accessibility expert, Annette Bourbonniere.

Read the column...


May 15, 2014
The Buzz Around Town

Read the news... Read the news...


May 14, 2014
Breaking Ground!

It's official! After years of planning and fundraising, we have broken ground on the first project within a multi-faceted $15.7 million capital campaign and improvement project.  The project will expand the Hall of Fame's campus by one acre, and will result in a world-class tennis facility and significant enhancements to a prominent Newport street, Memorial Boulevard.

"This is the largest, most exciting project the International Tennis Hall of Fame has ever taken on. The Hall of Fame welcomes thousands of tennis fans from all over the world each year. Our goal within this project is to make the Hall of Fame a must-see international destination for all tennis fans, and to ensure that the facility is an asset to our local community," commented International Tennis Hall of Fame Chairman Christopher Clouser, who also serves as co-chair of the Capital Campaign Committee. Read more...


February 3, 2014
Message from the ITHF Chairman

Dear Friends:
Last week the City of Newport Zoning Board approved our final plans to totally update and refurbish the museum that showcases the global sport of tennis, to build a new tennis facility that will house 3 indoor courts and add 3 indoor/outdoor courts to our property, to build new offices and retail space, and to renovate the center court and other spaces at the historic Hall of Fame facility. Read more...


December 12, 2013
Newport Daily News Reports: Great Progress on Hall of Fame Expansion Project

The International Tennis Hall of Fame received permission Tuesday night to demolish four buildings on Memorial Boulevard and to move a fifth to make way for a new tennis complex at the site that will include indoor and outdoor courts, a fitness center, locker rooms, offices and retail locations. Read more...

August 12, 2013
Tennis Hall of Fame Launches Capital Campaign for Museum Upgrades & Property Improvements

The International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum in Newport, Rhode Island has embarked on an extensive capital campaign with the goals of creating a cohesive campus and world-class tennis facility and offering an enhanced experience for visitors and the local community, all while supporting the organization’s mission of preserving the history of tennis and promoting the sport. It has been 12 years since the organization has led a major capital campaign. To accomplish the objectives of this project, the campaign has a financial goal of $15.7 million. Fundraising for the campaign has been underway for approximately one year, and at the organization’s meeting of the Board of Directors on July 13, 2013 it was announced that $10,556,000 of the necessary $15.7 million has been secured.   Read more...