Vic Seixas

August 30, 1923
Place of Birth:
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States
United States
Induction Category:
Recent Player
Year of Induction:
Highest Ranking
World Singles Ranking: 1

A first rate athlete who considered himself “a frustrated baseball player,” Vic Seixas was an enduringly successful tennis player who made the most of himself in that venture. Seixas competed at the U.S. Championships at Forest Hills no fewer than 28 times from 1940 to 1969, setting a record in the process. On his last appearance he was 46 years old. Seixas, a relentless attacking player who packaged the serve skillfully with the volley, won Wimbledon at 29, took the championship of his country the following year, and was a prime contributor to the U.S. Davis Cup triumph of 1954. 

Grand Slam Record

Australian Championship

  • Doubles Champion 1955

French Open

  • Doubles Champion 1954, 1955
  • Mixed Doubles Champion 1953


  • Singles Champion 1953
  • Mixed Doubles Champion 1953-56

US National Championship

  • Singles Champion 1954
  • Doubles Champion 1952, 1954
  • Mixed Doubles Champion 1953-55

Career Achievements

  • Davis Cup Team Member 1951-57