Juliette Atkinson

April 15, 1873
January 12, 1944
Place of Birth:
Rahway, New Jersey
United States
United States
Induction Category:
Year of Induction:

What she lacked in size-only five feet tall - Juliette Atkinson more than compensated for with wonderful court sense, exquisite timing, and surpassing power. Altogether, she had her name engraved on ten United States Championship trophies, winning the singles three times and the doubles on seven occasions. In 1897 and 1898, she virtually dominated women's tennis in America. Her run of success did not stop there as Atkinson continued securing important doubles titles during the early years of a new century.

Grand Slam Record

US National Championship

  • Singles Champion 1895, 1897-98
  • Doubles Champion 1894-98, 1901-02
  • Mixed Doubles Champion 1894-96