Jean Borotra "Bounding Basque"

August 13, 1898
June 17, 1994
Place of Birth:
Biarritz, France
Induction Category:
Master Player
Year of Induction:
Highest Ranking
World Singles Ranking: 2

Jean Borotra, perhaps the most endearing French champion in history, pervade the tennis world of the 1920s with his considerable Gallic charm. “The Bounding Basque” was admired for his agility and flair at the net and revered by fans as an ebullient personality. A member of his first French Davis Cup team in 1922 and his last in 1947, Borotra’s game traveled smoothly across the years. He helped his country win the cup no fewer than six times. An exuberant man who loved the game as much as he loved life, Borotra’s originality was his trademark.

Grand Slam Record

Australian Championship

  • Singles Champion 1928
  • Doubles Champion 1928
  • Mixed Doubles Champion 1928

French Open

  • Singles Champion 1931
  • Doubles Champion 1925, 1928-29, 1934, 1936
  • Mixed Doubles Champion 1927, 1934


  • Singles Champion 1924, 1926
  • Doubles Champion 1925, 1932-33
  • Mixed Doubles Champion 1925

US National Championship

  • Mixed Doubles Champion 1926

Career Achievements

  • Davis Cup Team Member 1922-37, 1947