Angela Mortimer Barrett

April 21, 1932
Place of Birth:
Plymouth, England
Induction Category:
Master Player
Year of Induction:
Highest Ranking
World Singles Ranking: 1

A wily tactician with a limitless supply of determination, Angela Mortimer became one of the few women from Great Britain to win Wimbledon during the twentieth century.  Her triumph on the fabled Centre Court in 1961 was entirely well received by an appreciative public as she prevailed in a nerve wracking final against compatriot Christine Truman.  Despite having a significant hearing problem that left her partially deaf, Mortimer still managed to take three of the four majors in singles.  She went on to serve as captain of the British Wightman and Fed Cup squads.

Grand Slam Record

Australian Championship

  • Singles Champion 1958

French Open

  • Singles Champion 1955


  • Singles Champion 1961
  • Doubles Champion 1955

Career Achievements

  • Wightman Cup Team Member 1953, 1955-56, 1959-61