Alex Olmedo

March 24, 1936
Place of Birth:
Arequipa, Peru
Induction Category:
Master Player
Year of Induction:
Highest Ranking
World Singles Ranking: 2
U.S. Singles Ranking: 1

The first player from Peru to reach the sport’s upper echelons, Olmedo settled in California and made his mark all over the world as an exceedingly appealing court stylist with a congenial manner on and off the court. At 22 in 1958, he led the United States to victory in the Davis Cup, setting the stage for more towering successes in the ensuing years. He toppled the young Rod Laver to win Wimbledon in 1959, and was also victorious at the Australian Championships that same season. Olmedo excelled on the volley and was a superb fast-court player.

Grand Slam Record

Australian Championship

  • Singles Champion 1959


  • Singles Champion 1959

Career Achievements

  • Davis Cup Team Member 1958-59