Adrian Quist

August 04, 1913
November 17, 1991
Place of Birth:
Medindie, Australia
Induction Category:
Master Player
Year of Induction:
Highest Ranking
World Singles Ranking: 3

When historians reflect on the greatest Australian doubles players of all time, the name Adrian Quist invariably is included in the conversation. Quist won ten consecutive Australian Championships in doubles and was a standout performer in that capacity. His return from the advantage court was outstanding, and he had as deep a command of the doubles craft as anyone who has ever played the game. Quist held the distinction of being the only man to win Grand Slam championships before and after World War II. 

Grand Slam Record

Australian Championship

  • Singles Champion 1936, 1940, 1948
  • Doubles Champion 1936-40, 1946-50

French Open

  • Doubles Champion 1935


  • Doubles Champion 1935, 1950

US National Championship

  • Doubles Champion 1939

Career Achievements

  • Davis Cup Team Member 1933-39, 1946, 1948