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Wheelchair Tennis History


Have you ever seen wheelchair tennis being played? The sport was founded in 1976 by Hall of Famer Brad Parks and fellow-wheelchair athlete Jeff Minnenbraker. In 1992, the ITF Wheelchair Tennis Tour began with eleven international tournaments. Since its founding, wheelchair tennis has become one of the fastest growing para-sports. The sport can be played on any regulation-sized tennis court with no modifications in equipment, and the rules are the same as in tennis except that a player is allowed a second bounce of the ball. Wheelchair tennis became a full-medal Olympic sport at the Barcelona Paralympic Games in 1992. Today, the tour includes more than 150 events across the globe.

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Happy Mother's Day!


The sport we love most would not be the same without the great support of our moms. In the tennis world, we have moms who are our No. 1 fans, our coaches, and even champions themselves.

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Curator's Corner: Andy Roddick's Davis Cup


Take a look at this! 2017 International Tennis Hall of Fame Inductee Andy Roddick sent us some amazing artifacts for a tribute exhibit that will open in June. One of these artifacts is the Davis Cup that he received as a part of the United States’ 2007 winning team. It’s hard to believe that the win was a decade ago! Roddick counts this as one of the highlights in a career filled with them.

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Hall of Famer Spotlight: Hana Mandlikova's 3 Great Moments

Hana Mandlikova, a winner of four Grand Slam singles titles, was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1994. This spring, during the Miami Open, she was awarded a ring to commemorate that accomplishment. Prior to the ceremony, Mandlikova spoke with ITHF historian-at-large Joel Drucker, reflecting on her three greatest moments in tennis.

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A Hall of Fame Ring for Hana Mandlikova

3/26/2017 Ring

Five-time major champion Hana Mandlikova was honored at the Miami Open with a special ceremony on stadium court to present her Hall of Fame ring.

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Dell Technologies Signs on as Multi-Year Title Sponsor of the International Tennis Hall of Fame Open


Dell Technologies has committed to a five-year, multifaceted sponsorship of the International Tennis Hall of Fame that includes the title sponsorship of the Hall of Fame’s annual ATP World Tour tournament. The company is also contributing its technology solutions and expertise to create a digital archive for the ITHF from its vast museum collection of artifacts, photos, video and publications.

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Traveling Exhibit: Breaking the Barriers

In honor of Black History Month, The Museum at the International Tennis Hall of Fame partnered with One Love Tennis and Cape Fear Community College to display the Hall of Fame’s traveling exhibit, Breaking the Barriers, in Wilmington, North Carolina. Breaking the Barriers blends a unique timeline of photos, newspaper accounts, and historical excerpts into an engaging, informative experience. The exhibit brings the origins and history of Black tennis and the American Tennis Association (ATA) to life while incorporating other events from around the world. Read More

Class of 2017 Induction Ceremony Tickets & Info

Be part of tennis history, when the sport's highest honor is presented to Kim Clijsters, Andy Roddick, Monique Kalkman-van den Bosch, Steve Flink, and Vic Braden. Tickets for the ITHF Induction Ceremony and 2017 Hall of Fame Tennis Championships, an ATP World Tour event go on sale on February 6. Read More

The Tennis World Reacts: Class of 2017

For this year's newly announced inductees, an emotional moment is likely compounded even more this week as warm messages of congratulations stream in from around the tennis world. Read More

Andy Roddick: "It's really the resting place you want at the end of a tennis career.”

Nearly as missed in the press room as he is on the court, Andy Roddick spent some time in a Q & A with members of the media on site at the Australian Open, discussing his thoughts on Hall of Fame induction, career reflections, and thoughts on the current game. Read More