Match Point: The Campaign for the International Tennis Hall of Fame

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 Construction is underway! Click here to read all about the project progress. 

The International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum has embarked on a $15.7 million capital campaign to fund significant upgrades to our entire facility. The goal of the project is to create a cohesive campus and world-class tennis facility that will enhance the experience for visitors from around the world as well as for the local community. 

Since its founding in 1954 as a “shrine to the ideals of the game,” the International Tennis Hall of Fame
& Museum has celebrated the global sport of tennis and the distinct heritage of Newport, Rhode Island. Spanning seven acres and nearly six decades, it has become a community treasure and a destination for
tennis fans from around the world.

With a rich history, comprehensive programs, and committed leadership as our foundation, the International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum is poised for a bright and exciting future. The Hall of Fame’s leadership has crafted a strategic plan that lays the groundwork for building a 21st century campus.

The strategic plan focuses on four key priorities:

• Creating a modern, interactive museum

• Adding new tennis and facilities

• Expanding our footprint

• Improving campus-wide amenities

This campaign is not about ongoing operations. It is about being stewards of the sport of tennis. It is about advancing the mission of the Hall of Fame. It is about improving our grounds and facilities and expanding our footprint. It is about growing and innovating. It is about the future. 


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For more information or to support the campaign, please contact:
Marguerite Marano
Director of Annual Giving